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Offshore applications

Since the inception of IHC Hydrohammer® technology, the IHC Hydrohammer® has found application in the offshore industry. The closed hammer housing, the excellent control options and reliability makes the hydraulic hammer eminently suitable for driving conductors, anchor piles, jackets, monopiles and start-up piles for pipe layers at sea.

Nowadays, oil and gas have to be drilled for at ever increasing depths. Our solution: equipment that can operate deeper under water.

The demand for alternative sources of energy is increasing rapidly. Centuries old wind energy in its modern incarnation is a promising growth market. Wind turbines are technically very interesting meetings of elements and structures. They are exposed to adverse weather conditions, often with their bases submerged in water. The principal development being their increasing size. On land, out to sea and in the air. This requires larger diameter piles.

IHC Hydrohammer® develops equipment to meet any demand.


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