About IHC Hydrohammer®

IHC Hydrohammer® B.V. designs, builds and supplies hydraulic piling hammers, for onshore and offshore use and is known throughout the world for its innovative approach.

This innovative approach is not simply confined to the hammers, but also extends to entirely new piling techniques, foundation equipment and hammer accessories, with a view to making pile driving more efficient, more controllable, less noisy and more widely usable.

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News & Events

Another large Hydrohammer working in China

IHC Hydrohammer, a business unit of the Dutch based Royal IHC, recently commissioned the S-1800 Hydrohammer with 5.5m...

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NewsFlash Hydro-Ram

Hydro-Ram supplies equipment for onshore and offshore use, such as hydraulic piling hammers, piling/drilling machines...

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